Premium Pool & Billiard Tables in St. Marys

St. Marys' pride in billiards shines here. Discover unparalleled pool tables, decadent game room furnishings, and accessories that impress.

Pool Tables and Accessories

Discover the world-class Brunswick and Olhausen pool tables in St. Marys, available at our Mississauga showroom. Our collection embodies a perfect mix of timeless design and modern sophistication, suitable for any distinguished game room.

St. Marys’ enthusiasts can find a curated selection of pool accessories, each chosen for its elegance and practicality. From sleek cue racks to functional storage options, our accessories enhance the overall pool experience.

Game Tables

St. Marys now offers a wide range of gaming tables, including Foosball, Air Hockey, and Ping Pong. Each table is crafted for both casual fun and competitive play, providing a premium gaming experience right in your home.

Pool Table Services

Looking for delivery, setup, or repair services? Our skilled Service Technicians are here to help. They’re experts in installing, servicing, and maintaining the high-quality tables we offer.

Our range of services includes dismantling, moving, setting up, and leveling tables. We also offer re-clothing of bed and rails, assembly, and re-rubbering to ensure your table is in top condition.

Whether it’s a simple leveling task or a complex move and assembly job, our team is equipped to handle your needs efficiently and effectively. Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your table.


pool tables Floor models

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