Experience Georgina's Luxury Billiard & Pool Tables Selection

Georgina's renowned billiard haven. Discover unparalleled pool tables, sumptuous game room furnishings, and accessories that redefine luxury.

Pool Tables and Accessories

Celebrate Georgina’s serene setting with our premium Brunswick and Olhausen pool tables. Epitomizing grandeur, these tables create an ambiance of luxury, inviting joyful moments.

Complementing Georgina’s charm, our exquisite pool accessories blend elegance with function. Make every game an event, letting your game room shine uniquely.

Game Tables

Experience gaming excitement in Georgina with our wide Foosball, Air Hockey, and Ping Pong selection tailored for all ages.

We offer kid-friendly sizes and full-pro models built for smooth recreation.

Pool Table Services

Looking for delivery, setup, or repair services? Our skilled Service Technicians are here to help. They’re experts in installing, servicing, and maintaining the high-quality tables we offer.

Our range of services includes dismantling, moving, setting up, and leveling tables. We also offer re-clothing of bed and rails, assembly, and re-rubbering to ensure your table is in top condition.

Whether it’s a simple leveling task or a complex move and assembly job, our team is equipped to handle your needs efficiently and effectively. Let us take the hassle out of maintaining your table.


pool tables Floor models

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