Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Black Cue Case

Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme Black Cue Case 8

CA$45.00 + HST

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The Casemaster Q-Vault Supreme is the ultimate solution for cue transportation. It features a classic leatherette exterior engineered to repel the elements, keeping your cues in perfect dry condition while safeguarding them from warping. The hard resin shell inside is covered with a soft cloth lining, providing protection against heavy impacts and preventing cracking and breaking. The case is designed for convenience with a large storage pocket for accessories like extra tips, shapers, chalk, and other repair tools, and it includes a removable accessory pouch for maximum portability. The carrying strap allows for easy transportation. The Q-Vault Supreme stores one butt and one shaft.”

  • Exterior: Durable leatherette for protection from drops and elements
  • Interior: Soft-lined, cushioning against impact
  • Storage: Large pocket for accessories, removable accessory pouch
  • Transport: Convenient carrying strap
  • Capacity: Holds one butt and one shaft
  • Dimensions: Length: 31.75 in, Width: 4.0 in, Height: 2.6 in
  • Weight: 1.35 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited 90 Day