Barren Outdoor Pool Table

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The Legacy Billiards Barren Outdoor Pool Table is an embodiment of both resilience and elegance, specifically engineered for outdoor enjoyment. Perfect for those with a penchant for al fresco leisure, this table combines weather-resistant construction with the refined aesthetics typical of Legacy’s well-known designs. It features a sleek, modern silhouette and a robust build, ensuring that it stands up against the elements while providing a superior billiards experience. Whether placed on a deck, patio, or poolside, the Barren Outdoor Table offers an inviting centerpiece for gathering, playing, and creating memorable moments under the sky.


  • Table Size: Available in 8 ft.
  • Finish Options: Weather-resistant Silvered Oak finish, ideal for matching outdoor decor.
  • Leg Styles: Sturdy square legs with levelers designed to maintain stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Slate Thickness: 1-inch framed slate, sealed to prevent warping and moisture damage.
  • Table Dimensions: 98.5″ x 54.5″ (length x width), tailored for spacious play without dominating your outdoor area.
  • Weight: Robust yet maneuverable for seasonal or spatial adjustments.


  • Construction: Manufactured with high-quality aluminum and waterproof materials to withstand diverse weather conditions.
  • Cushion: High-performance outdoor cushions ensure long-lasting bounce and resilience.
  • Materials: Aluminum, outdoor-grade felt, and composite materials designed for durability and fade resistance.
  • Play Surface: Treated, fade-resistant cloth that endures sun exposure and wet conditions, ensuring lasting playability.


  • Cloth Colors: Selection of UV-protected cloth colors to complement outdoor styling.
  • Pockets: Reinforced, synthetic pockets crafted to endure the outdoor environment.
  • Customization: Tailor the Barren to your taste with options available through Hallmark Billiards, including customized cloth colors and finishes.
  • Accessory Kit: Outdoor-specific accessories, such as all-weather covers, cues, and balls, available to enhance your gaming experience.

Explore the rugged elegance of the Legacy Billiards Barren Outdoor Pool Table at Hallmark Billiards. Perfectly suited for any outdoor setting, this table not only elevates your gaming experience but also enhances your outdoor living space. Customize your table to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and decor, ensuring that every game is as enjoyable as the environment you create around it.


4 Player Accessory Package:

Enhance your billiards experience by opting for the 4 Player Accessory Package. This inclusive set provides you with all the essentials needed to start a game right out of the box, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned players.

Delivery, Level & Installation:

For customers within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), take advantage of our professional setup services. Our team will deliver, level, and install your billiard table, ensuring it meets the highest standards for competitive and casual play. This hassle-free service guarantees your table is perfectly configured for your first break.

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