Timber Ridge Pool Table

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The Timber Ridge Pool Table by Olhausen Billiards epitomizes the harmonious blend of natural rustic charm and top-tier performance. Designed to evoke the essence of mountainous woodlands and the tranquility of nature, this table is constructed from solid pine with unique wood grain patterns and knots that highlight its raw beauty. Featuring Olhausen’s championship-quality Accu-Fast® cushions and premium slate, the Timber Ridge offers a playing experience that meets the most stringent professional standards. Its robust construction and meticulous craftsmanship ensure precision and durability, making it an exceptional choice for both competitive and leisure play in any distinguished game room.


  • Timber Ridge Pool Table Size: Available in an 8 ft model, ideal for a variety of home and commercial spaces.
  • Finish Options: Natural Pine with a clear coat finish that enhances the wood’s natural characteristics.
  • Leg Styles: Rustic post legs that provide stable support and complement the rugged aesthetics.
  • Slate Thickness: 1-inch framed, diamond-honed slate for optimal flatness and consistent play.
  • Table Dimensions: 98″ x 54″ (length x width), offering ample space for competitive play.
  • Weight: Approximately 850 lbs, indicative of its solid wood construction and durability.


  • Construction: Handcrafted from solid pine, each table is unique with variations in wood texture and color.
  • Cushion: Equipped with Olhausen’s Accu-Fast® cushions, known for their reliability and performance.
  • Materials: Utilizes premium solid pine, ensuring longevity and a rustic visual appeal.
  • Play Surface: Covered with professional-grade cloth that provides a smooth and consistent ball roll.


  • Cloth Colors: Available in a broad range of colors, allowing for customization to fit your decor and personal preferences.
  • Customization: Hallmark Billiards offers extensive options for personalizing your table, including cloth colors and additional wood finish treatments.
  • Pockets: Features leather pockets that align with the table’s rustic design, enhancing its overall aesthetic and functionality.

Visit Hallmark Billiards to see the Timber Ridge Pool Table in person and appreciate its craftsmanship and natural beauty.
Engage with Hallmark Billiards to select from a variety of customization options to make your Timber Ridge table uniquely yours.
Reach out to Hallmark Billiards for more details on the Timber Ridge Pool Table and how we can assist in crafting the perfect gaming environment for your space.


4 Player Accessory Package:

Enhance your billiards experience by opting for the 4 Player Accessory Package. This inclusive set provides you with all the essentials needed to start a game right out of the box, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned players.

Delivery, Level & Installation:

For customers within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), take advantage of our professional setup services. Our team will deliver, level, and install your billiard table, ensuring it meets the highest standards for competitive and casual play. This hassle-free service guarantees your table is perfectly configured for your first break.

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