Emory Pool Table

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The Legacy Billiards Emory Pool Table stands as a paragon of quality and design, perfect for those who appreciate both style and functionality in their game room furnishings. Built with solid hardwood and featuring a fine furniture finish, this table not only offers exceptional playability but also enhances the decor of any space. It comes with leather pockets and diamond-honed slate, ensuring a durable and precise playing surface. The Emory’s artisan craftsmanship and classic design make it an enduring centerpiece for gatherings, competitive play, or leisurely practice.


  • Sizes Available: 8 ft option.
  • Finish: Available in multiple stain options to match your room décor.
  • Leg Style: Tapered and detailed legs for a sleek, modern silhouette.
  • Slate: 1-inch backed slate for optimal flatness and smooth play.
  • Table Dimensions: 100″ x 55″ (length x width).
  • Weight: Approximately 750 lbs.


  • Materials: Crafted with solid hardwood for lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Construction: Features leather shield pockets and diamond-honed slate, known for its precision flatness.
  • Design: Tapered legs and a refined cabinet with decorative routing provide a sophisticated look.
  • Play Surface: Pro-grade wool blend cloth ensures a smooth roll and excellent durability.


  • Cloth Colors: Available in a wide variety of colors to personalize your table to your taste.
  • Customization: Hallmark Billiards provides options for personalized engraving on the cabinet or legs, making your table uniquely yours.
  • Accessory Kit: Available through Hallmark Billiards, this kit includes high-quality cues, balls, a triangle, and chalk, everything needed to start playing immediately.
  • Installation: Professional installation services by Hallmark Billiards to ensure perfect setup and leveling.

Visit Hallmark Billiards today to view the Legacy Billiards Emory Pool Table, or contact our sales team for more details on customization options and installation services. Elevate your game room with this exquisite blend of style and performance, ensuring years of enjoyable gameplay. Whether you’re hosting a game night or practicing for your next tournament, the Emory Pool Table is designed to impress.


4 Player Accessory Package:

Enhance your billiards experience by opting for the 4 Player Accessory Package. This inclusive set provides you with all the essentials needed to start a game right out of the box, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned players.

Delivery, Level & Installation:

For customers within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), take advantage of our professional setup services. Our team will deliver, level, and install your billiard table, ensuring it meets the highest standards for competitive and casual play. This hassle-free service guarantees your table is perfectly configured for your first break.

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