Ella Shuffleboard Table

CA$8,095.00CA$8,995.00 + HST

The modern style of the Ella sets it apart from the competition and the quality and durability is backed with Legacy’s lifetime warranty. For storage of your pucks, brushes, and other accessories, the Ella Shuffleboard table provides the Perfect Drawer, a glide in storage drawer mounted under the table.

Ella Shuffleboard comes complete with four pop-up LED lights neatly tucked into the top rail of the shuffleboard.


  • Playfield brush,
  • 8 pucks (Pucks are 2-5/16″ in diameter and weigh 11.2 oz each)
  • abacus scorers,
  • can of shuffleboard wax,
  • draped cover
  • and a Perfect Drawer


Playfield Dimensions:
132.5 inch x 20 inch x 2.5 inch with
1/4 inch polymer seal.
Weight: 561 lbs



Playfield Dimensions:
156.5 inch x 20 inch x 3 inch with 1/4
inch polymer seal.
Weight: 799 lbs.