Dartboard - Winmau Blade 5

Dartboard – Winmau Blade 5

The Winmau Blade 5 is the World’s most technically advanced dartboard. The ultimate no bounceout dartboard features galvanised blades, a higher scoring, angled 25 ring, staple-free bullseye and totally clean scoring segments. The Lakeside World Championships and Winmau World Masters are televised live by BBC Sport and both use the Blade III dartboard to provide the opportunity for maximum scoring potential.
Besides improved graphics- the Blade now sports a white powder-coated, non-glare number ring!
New Upgraded Features
Durable and more stable hanging system
Thinner spider increases playing area and reduces bounce outs
Eco-friendly ink used on board
WDF approved (World Darts Federation)
Staple-Free playing area

Deeply embedded blade “skeleton”

Angled wires deflect darts into board

Made of high-quality sisal fibers for cleaner appearance and durability

Endorsed by British Darts Organization

Ideal for use with steel or soft tip darts

Removable number ring for board rotation to extend playing life
Comes with mounting bracket and instructions
Made in Kenya

17 3/4″ Diameter