Dive into the Thrilling World of Bumper Pool

Hallmark Billiards is proud to offer a wide selection of bumper pool tables  from all of the top brands in the industry.  With offering such a wide selection, we can provide you with a solution for every design, style and budget. We offer the best brands at competitive pricing

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What is a bumper pool?

Bumper pool is a fascinating billiards game played on a table with no pockets. Instead of pockets, the table has bumpers set in the middle, hence the name “bumper pool.” It is a classic tabletop game often found in game rooms, arcades, and bars.

Unlike regular pool, the objective of bumper pool is to sink balls into the center pockets formed by the bumpers. The lack of outer pockets combined with the inner bumpers creates a challenging, ricochet-filled game that tests players’ bank shot abilities. With practice, you can master rebound angles and carom shots to outplay your opponent.

Bumper pool is played between two players or two teams of two players each. The game uses a standard set of 16 pool balls: 5 white balls, 5 red balls, and 1 white cue ball. The red balls are assigned to one player or team and the white balls to the other.

What Do You Prepare to Start a Game?

To start a game of bumper pool, you need a special bumper pool table and a set of billiard balls. Regulation tables are usually 9-foot by 4.5-foot rectangles with a playing surface 30 inches wide. Quality tables have slate beds with solid wood frames, adjustable leg levelers, and durable bumper rubbers.

In addition to the table and balls, make sure you have two pool cues with tips in good condition. Having cue chalk on hand helps players apply a thin coating to the cue tips before shots to increase friction and prevent miscues. Some players also use a small wooden bridge to steady shots that require stretching.

Quality Bumper Pool Tables

There are many places to buy excellent tables for your game room. Brands like Legacy and American Heritage make models constructed from quality materials to provide hours of smooth, even play.

Look for 3/4- to 1-inch slate beds for superior ball roll. Thick slate prevents warping over time. Seek out tables with solid wood frames made of materials like maple, oak, birch, pine, or MDF. For durability, choose cushions made of durable rubber. Finally, make sure leg levelers can adjust from 30 to 33 inches to fine-tune the table’s levelness.

Tables in stock at Hallmark Billiards, Fast delivery, and Installation

Hallmark Billiards carries an extensive selection of new and pre-owned  tables ready for quick delivery and professional installation. Models in stock include:


Make a stylish statement with this rustically modern bumper pool table. Its solid wood build and multiple finish options add warmth to your game room. Play a quick game on the ultra-smooth surface lined with sleek metal bumpers.

Bumper Pool Fitted Cover:

Protect your bumper pool investment in style. This heavy-duty fitted cover envelops your table in a veil of durable vinyl. Weighted corners hold it neatly in place as it fends off dust and spills.


Bring contemporary flair to your game room with the Ella. With its ultra-fast play surface and internal ball return, it keeps the fun rolling. Choose from an array of chic finishes to complement your decor.

Harpeth 3 in 1:

Entertain day or night with this triple-threat table. Flip the top to play poker or dine in style, then swap to bumper pool, complete with cues, chalk, and balls. With versatility like this, the fun never ends.


Gather around this inviting, rustically finished table for an intimate game night. Ball storage boxes at each end and a cue rack on the side keep everything tidy yet within reach. The sleek play surface promises smooth, rapid gameplay.

Heritage 3 in 1:

This triple-threat table transforms to suit your mood. Dine, play cards, or enjoy a fast-paced  bumper pool on the ultra-smooth surface. With a modern look and a complete bumper pool setup included, the Heritage does it all in style.

Sterling 3 in 1:

With its rustic metal accents and oversized base, this round multi-game table brings a stylish personality to any room. Enjoy dinner, cards, or the satisfying clack of bumper pool balls with the included cues, balls, and chalk.

For fast shipping within the GTA, give Hallmark Billiards a call at (905) 629-8082. Experienced technicians provide professional installation services. All tables come with a 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


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